MBBS Czech RepublicΒ 

Advantages of Studying MBBS in the Czech Republic 

The Czech Republic is a central European country which has also been designated as Czech since 2016. MBBS in the Czech Republic have received some favoritism among Indian students in recent times.

As per reports of TOI (Times of India): In 2014, there were 242 Indians studying in Zech & the number indicated a massive boom after three years (2017) when the numbers reached 687.

The reason a large crowd of international students are moving here is it’s outstanding education quality. Investment of the EU in education of the country, plus the modernization & practicality in the universities turned out to be a game changer for Czech in earning global reputation in the education sector.

The Czech Republic has offered free education for foreign nationals if they study in Czech language at any public university. Great establishment of relationship between India & Czech offered many opportunities for Indian students especially in the form of Scholarships.

There are two public medical universities that have recognition from the National Medical Commission namely Charles University & Palacky University. Studying MBBS in the Czech Republic is the most optimistic decision for Indian students to anticipate an extraordinary career in medicine.