Benefits and Advantages of Studying MBBS in Poland

Since 2010, Poland has became the best choice for Indian students for pursuing MBBS abroad due to high quality of medical education, low tuition fees structure & high growth rate after completing MBBS in Poland.

From last 5 years, more than 7000 students are already studying medicine in Poland. Now a days, many students from India are preferring to opt for MBBS in Poland over India.

The Poland medical schools are some of the most reputable medical schools around the world. The degree from Poland medical universities is a globally recognized and the students are eligible to appear for the NMC screening test.

MBBS in Poland is facilitating Indian students with top medical universities which are recognized by NMC (National Medical Commission) & accredited by the Ministry of Education & Science and the Ministry of Health. MBBS admission in Poland is a smooth and easy process with us, so that students can apply directly to the selected top medical universities or colleges without any hassle.

One Of The Topmost Academy For Taking Medical Admission In Poland

WTE Academy is committed to providing students with medical education to obtain an accredited degree of Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery and Masters in MSc addiction science in Poland. The academy will achieve its mission by providing a learning environment, both inside and outside the classroom, that sustains values and promotes high levels of student achievement, consistent with the highest standards of academic excellence.

We are committed to providing accredited health professions education at the undergraduate & graduate level to students by providing a learning environment. We promote high levels of student achievement, consistent with the highest standards of academic excellence to serve the professional, scientific community, and public.

We serve the healthcare community by nurturing qualified & proficient healthcare professionals while promoting a learning environment that fosters innovation, leadership, continued professional development, & quality assurance, making WTE Academy one of the leading medical academies in the world. The medical schools & academies in Poland are some of the most reputable medical institutes worldwide. The degree from Poland medical universities is globally recognized, and the students are eligible to easily appear for the NMC screening test.WTE Academy is the best choice for Medical Admission in Poland.

Do you aspire to study medicine abroad? Are you looking for colleges or academies of international repute to pursue medicine? If your answer is positive, you must check out medical universities in Poland because Universities in Poland offer you quality education at a low cost. The fees of various universities in Poland are low compared to other European countries. Therefore, it makes an excellent place for international students to study medicine. Poland has been the hub for Indians to study medicine. It is like β€œThe Dream” for many Indian students. Poland is also a part of the EU, enabling graduates to pursue MBBS in other European countries.

Many medical aspirants have been to Poland to study MBBS courses & followed the pattern & syllabus of MBBS courses just like various other countries in Europe. The MBBS education here is six years with one year of compulsory internship. Many Indian students prefer Poland MBBS. The education system here is highly acclaimed. Universities in Poland have world-class infrastructure and a high standard of teaching. Acclaimed academicians and lecturers teach Polish MBBS. Study MBBS abroad in Poland and live your dream of being a doctor.

The benefits of studying MBBS in Poland are as follows:

Cost of Education

MBBS education in Poland is smaller than in private medical universities in India. English is the most commonly used & taught language in Polish medical universities, so there is no need to pay extra for English courses in Poland.

Cost of Living

The price of living in Poland is low, especially in the areas near the universities. Accommodation and food are available in almost every corner of the area.

Recognition in India

The Medical Council of India recognizes MBBS degrees from European Medical Universities. The course is valid for NMC and international organizations like UNESCO & WHO.

State of the art facility

The MBBS colleges in Poland are well-known for offering excellent state-of-the-art infrastructure in courses, arts, labs, research centers, etc. This makes medicine study in Poland more productive and has a better future.