Benefits and Advantages of Studying MBBS in Romania

The equation behind 300+ international students hustling to study MBBS in Romania every year is quite simple. 4 lakhs average of annual fees, no rigidity of entrance exams and bagging your degree in five years are the major attributes of medical courses in Romania.

If you’re 12th pass out with an aspiration of learning MBBS Abroad, especially in developed European countries, then Romania must be on your prime list. A notable aspect separating Romania from other destinations is its admission that’s granted solely based on your NEET score & academic records.

When the eyes set upon Europe to pursue medical education, very few countries stand bold among the rest, and Romania is indeed one of them. Students enjoy all those most wanted privileges in Romania that they seldom get elsewhere.

At the end of the last year, you will have a medical degree with the approval of the National Medical Commission (NMC) that unleash tremendous opportunities. The training programs of MBBS in Romania are centralized around practical approaches that turn out to be a cutting edge factor in a student’s career.

A total of eight Medical Universities in Romania hold the status of National Medical Commission (NMC), where Indian students must plan to study medical courses. So, if you’re keen to explore this lucrative opportunity, then stick to this informative guide that covers all the facets regarding MBBS studies in Romania.